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Dr Ram operated me for Hiatal hernia and i am now all right. my acidity , reflux and digestion problems are gone. thank u doctor

Deepak Mali

My weight was 152 Kg and i had lost all hopes. My life was so difficult that i could barely walk 10 meters and become breathless. I had high BP, Diabetes, leg pain, back pain and what not. When I first met Dr Ram, i was impressed about his confidence that i can come back to normal life after bariatric surgery. He assured me that this operation will change my life and i ll acheive normal weight within 1 year of operation. after 7 months of bariatric operation i have lost 56 Kgs, now i weigh 96 Kg and all my health problems have disappeared. It seems like a dream come true. Now i am enjoying my life and all credit goes to this great Doctor. thank u Ram sir.

salehaben shaikh

I was suffering from Abdominal pain for 3 days and not getting relief so doctors did sonography and told that my Appendix got infected and ruptured. Dr Ram Raksha Pal Rajput was called for the operation. After operation Dr Ram informed us that it was not appendix but initial part of my large intestine got infected and ruptured so he had to remove half of my large intestine but he could complete the operation by key hole method and i recovered well and discharged on 4th day of operation. thank you is very small word for what this doctor has done for me.

Chirag Pandya

Best Doctor for obesity treatment. I was suffering from severe obesity, Diabetes, high BP, Cholesterol, knee pain, could walk to bathroom only. Since last 6 years i had not gone to my shop. I was a burden on my family and i was waiting for call from God. And one day one relative of mine came to see me who was also obese and had lot of problems. I could not recognize him as he looked very slim, healthy and smiling. he lost 38 Kg after obesity operation and now weighing 100 Kg. He suggested me to go to Dr Ram Rajput for obesity operation. to make long story short, now after operation by Dr Ram within 1 year i weigh 78 Kg, lost 50 Kg and my all problems including Diabetes is cured. Now i walk in full confidence, feels very light and strong. I Thank Dr Ram for his help.

Navinbhai Parneriya

Best Doctor for gastric problems. I was suffering for last 6 years from acidity and regurgitation problem. Dr Ram Rajput identified that I am having Hiatus hernia . He operated me and I recovered within 24 hours . Now I m absolutely fine. I recommend Doctor Ram for digestive problems.

Sunil Sharma

I am jaitun from Kenya. My weight was 137 Kg and I was suffering a lot because of obesity. One relative of mine recommended me to go to Dr Ram Raksha Pal Rajput for Bariatric Surgery. I was afraid about the surgery but when I met Dr Ram, all my fears vanished. After operation (Gastric Bypass) within 3 months I have lost 34 kg and I am very happy that I took this decision. God bless him with lot of happiness and success.